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For a Thousand Oaks polygraph test:

Not all polygraph examiners are the same.

  The results of a test can change your life,
  so let us
 share some 'secrets' with you.


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1. Insist on computerized polygraph testing:

--If you see an old antique 'roll of chart paper with moving pens', RUN! Only part-timers and amateurs would use those.

2. Insist that you be allowed to quietly monitor the entire examination:

--Don't wonder later down the road if your person bribed the examiner for a passing score (yes, it is offered often!).

Thousand Oaks polygraph test

3. Insist on only using an examiner with 34+ full years of experience for your Thousand Oaks polygraph:

--Doing one or two exams a week for 10 years is not 10 years of experience-- that is really 1 year of experience spread out over 10 years!

4. Insist that the exam cost less than $200 and also include a formal written report at no extra charge:

--In this economy, that is a fair price to pay for an hour of an examiner's time: don't be 'gouged'.

5. Don't be fooled by frivolous claims of 'memberships' or 'training':

--Examiners are all taught the same. 'Newbies' can only talk about who they pay to join. Only one thing really matters-- EXPERIENCE.




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